Questions to Ask During an Interview

Being in the staffing business, we've seen candidates rejected because they simply didn't ask questions during the interview. Not asking questions on an interview tells the employer that you're not eager about the role you're applying for and that you're not interested in learning more about their company. Below are some questions candidates should be asking during the interview process. Limit your questions to three or four and pick questions that are most important to you.

1. Who and how many people will I be reporting to?
2. Who and how many people will be reporting to me?
3. What have past employees done to succeed in this position?
4. What are some challenges that will face the person filling this position?
5. What have you enjoyed most about working here?
6. What is the top priority for the person in this position over the next three months?
7. How would you evaluate success in this role?
8. What distinguishes this company from its competitors?
9. What is a typical (day, week, month, or year) for a person in this job? 
10. What is the major focus of the person in this job? 


Remember, the interview process is a two-way street. Not only is it the time for the employer to see if you're the right fit, but you must also know if the job and the company is the right fit for you and asking the right questions will help you make better career decisions.

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