Technical Systems Architect, Expert

Job ID 19-00087

Industry Computer/IT

Job Type Contract

Location Austin, TX


An Expert Technical Systems Architect has extensive experience in the design and development of Client Server and Web Enabled Corporate applications including network topology. Must be well versed in Object Oriented tools and techniques. Must have thorough knowledge of data modeling skills using automated tools.
1. Serve as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for one or more applications in the Sustainment lifecycle. Possess a working knowledge of the products used to monitor and measure application and infrastructure performance.
2. Perform as the subject matter expert (SME) for assigned applications, possessing a working knowledge of the application (including navigation and functionality) infrastructure, and security architecture. The Contractor shall be able to converse fluently with customers, architects, technical teams, product development, and other stakeholders. The Contractor shall maintain familiarity with UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems, Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), Job Control Language (JCL) and associated utility programs, Oracle and SQL Database usage, and general datacenter infrastructure including cloud and virtual hosting services, server technology, Mainframes, Automated Scheduling, Electronic File Transfers, Print Production, disk and tape storage, backup methodologies, and disaster recovery. 
3. Keep all components of product releases, and infrastructure changes, are organized and deployed in a controlled manner enabling a repeatable process. Manages the release and deployment process. Release Management activities include design and implementation of formal procedures, including checks and balances throughout the process. The Contractor shall identifies and mitigate risk to ensure the integrity and recoverability of the production environment. The Contractor shall ensure the currency, accuracy, and completeness of the Configuration 
of 169 Management Database (CMDB) for all business and technical data elements for assigned applications. 
4. Keep the currency, accuracy, and completeness of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), work management and mail group memberships, costs for assigned applications and projects, ATO (Authorization to Operate) and security artifacts, and security patches maintained. 
5. Enforce compliance with VA security and privacy policies and directives, and the CRISP initiative. The Contractor shall take immediate action and ensure resolution of violations and non-compliance, Infrastructure Operations (ITOPS IO) policies, procedures, directives, and management handbooks, and ITOPS IO & VA approved data storage backup policy.
6. Monitor and analyze application performance, capacity, reliability, and stability metrics. The Contractor shall take immediate corrective action to mitigate unacceptable performance levels, and develop plans for resolution. 
7. Proactively manage server certificates. The Contractor shall maintain and publish a plan that identifies and tracks tasks, schedule, and ownership. 
8. Manage application outage and Swift Action Response Team (SWAT) events, and proactively engage in root cause analysis.
9. Analyze and manage the Automated Notification Response (ANR) process, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
10. Determine root cause analysis of application outages and creates effective remediation plans. 
11. Participate in the ITOPS IO Operations Planning meetings, assessing change impact, performing risk mitigation, and organizing communication plans. The Contractor shall serve as the application's primary technical SME point-of-contact, facilitating and coordinating customer requirements, integration efforts, and other actions, as required.
12. Provide SME recommendations to ITOPS IO during meetings, release management/operational readiness reviews, and other work sessions, such as planning and budgeting. 
13. Participate in a matrix team environment, actively and effectively managing relationships with customers, build and release managers, technical teams, product development, project managers, and other stakeholders as required. 
14. Keep the currency, accuracy, completeness, and timely close-out of change orders, service requests, and incident reports, verification of all data storage back-ups for assigned applications, accuracy of all labor hours recorded in Primavera for assigned projects, and accurate and timely completion of server worksheets, storage request forms, firewall spreadsheets, and other artifacts required by internal ITOPS IO teams. 
15. Maintain recorded labor hours associated with change orders, service requests, incident reports, and activity codes that accurately reflect the work performed for assigned applications. The Contractor shall take immediate corrective action when labor hours are not accurate, reporting discrepancies to the on-site Contractor Manager for contract resources, and including the Program Manager Serve as Subject Matter Expert for internal-facing changes and activities, such as CRISP patching, load balancer upgrades, server builds and modifications, storage allocations, firewall changes, and other related activities. 
16. Plan for systems implementation and continual improvement by participating in process design and implementation of procedures for the installation of changes to IT systems and infrastructure. 
17. Keep the hardware inventory and software versions tracked and recorded in the CMDB
 18. Keep the CMDB current, accurate, and complete for assigned applications. 
19. Conduct monthly audits of the CMDB and take immediate corrective action as required when deviations or missing data is found. The Contractor shall provide monthly documentation to the Program Manager on findings and actions. 
20. Plan and manage changes and other deployment activities for assigned applications following release, configuration, and project management requirements, and applying Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes according to ITOPS IO policies and procedures.
 21. Ensure product releases are operational readiness while providing SME recommendation for the go/no go decision. The Contractor shall ensure that an approved plan is in-place with assigned ownership and schedule to resolve non-compliance issues. 
22. Provide planning, coordination, and communication ensuring the successful deployment of software, and infrastructure changes. 
23. Ensure that only approved and tested product versions are installed in accordance with the SDE and ITOPS IO approved Process Management website. 
24. Verify the accuracy and reliability of product release back out instructions. 
25. Communicate the impact of planned releases to all stakeholders. 
26. Troubleshoot problems associated with a release. 
27. Ensure compliance with ITOPS IO approved backup policy. Takes immediate corrective action when compliance requirements are not met. 
28. Monitor the VA TRM (Technical Reference Model) and develop compliance plans. 
29. Proactively ensure that the Knowledge Management database contains accurate and current lessons learned and "how to” information.
30. Create SBARs for Senior ITOPS IO Leadership for the purpose of notification and actions regarding policy and other issues requiring ITOPS IO senior leadership direction and approval. All work products shall be provided to COR/VA PM(s) for review prior to any distribution. 
31. Ensure that Risk Based Decision (RBD) memos are created according to directives, and are renewed prior to scheduled expiration. All work products shall be provided to COR/VA PM(s) for review and approval prior to any distribution 
32. Ensure that Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) are resolved and responded to as required. 
33. Comply with VA security and Information Security policies and directives, and the CRISP. The Contractor shall take immediate action and ensure resolution of violations and non-compliance. The Contractor shall ensure compliance with ITOPS IO and VA policies, procedures, directives, and management handbooks. 
34. Support approval of application access requests by conducting access reviews in compliance with VA policy, including the closing of expired accounts.
35. Remain current on all VA required training requirements. 
36. Provide monthly status and action plans for outages, root cause analysis, and remediation plans, risks and issues (in advance of a crisis), customer satisfaction, lifecycle plans, application metrics, trends, actions, and CRISP compliance.
37. Serve as backup to the Application, Build, or Project Manager, and other IT Specialists.


Basic Qualifications:
•    10 years senior-level experience 
•    Engineering, Computer Science,  or related scientific /technical discipline, 
•    Master's Degree or 10 additional years of experience in lieu of degree