Production Supervisor - 3rd Shift

Job ID 18-00010

Industry Pharma

Job Type Permanent

Location Dayton, NJ


MPORTANT: Focus on packaging and dispensing.

Reports to: Production Director

Supervises: Production Employees

Department: Production

Working Hours: 3rd Shift: 11:00pm - 7:30am

It is the Supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the production equipments used for e.g. Granulation, Blending, Compression, Coating and Packaging are clean and set up properly and the equipments are in calibrated state before the use of production. It is Supervisor's responsibility to monitor and review visual and physical checks of in-process and finished materials are as per procedure of Production Batch Record.

Essential Functions:
Supervisor's responsibility includes:

  1. Oversees monitors and coordinates Production activities (e.g. Granulation, Blending, Compression, Coating and Packaging) giving importance to individual members and overall team achievement for policy deployment objectives.
  2. Ensures team goals are aligned with and represent the company's objectives.
  3. Acts as a liaison between team members and other functional areas.
  4. Works proactively in addressing potential issues and applies real-time problem solving skills when working towards resolution.
  5. Ensures that the duties responsibilities, authority and accountability of all direct and indirect reports are defined and understood.
  6. Develops and oversees, schedules, production requirements and headcount to determine the most cost effective and efficient methods of obtaining necessary resources while ensuring improved performance in quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale.
  7. Takes an active leadership role in development and implementation of continuous process improvement tools in assigned department(s).
  8. Change through innovative thinking and active use and support of the process improvement tools and techniques.
  9. Manages the planning and designing of methods to improve or enhance existing programs and processes.
  10. Responsible for the development and implementation of manufacturing processes and equipment to maintain proper product functionality as well as cost efficiency and resource allocation.
  11. Provides regular and timely reports and interpretation of results to the Production Manager.
  12. Develops implements and monitors policies and procedures for day-to-day operations.
  13. Establishes creative manufacturing solutions. Establishes/monitors standard operating procedures within manufacturing.
  14. Selects and recommends equipments to support parts.
  15. Establishes annual objectives for direct reports and reviews performance of objectives in a timely manner.
  16. Takes an active role in identifying training needs, challenging and developing both direct and indirect reports in their positions for future responsibilities.
  17. Effectively conduct team meetings.
  18. Perform any and all additional tasks relating to the operation of the manufacturing department as requested.
  19. Follow company policies, cGMP's and Standard Operating Procedures.


5 years experience.